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ANSYS Training

The second in the series of trainings offered by us is the training on ANSYS (CFD & Structural Analysis) for 3 days @ 4 Hours

Disclaimer: We are in no way associated with ANSYS

Level - Basic to Advanced level Course

– Particularly designed for engineering students and professionals in the field of mechanical engineering

– Especially for those who want to build their career in design and analysis

New Session Start September 1st

Prerequisite – Mechanical/Aerospace engineering background

– Easy to learn 

What Will You Learn?


Learn from an ACTUAL Field Engineer!


Validate and optimize your own Solutions


Different analysis like thermal, modal, and structural analysis


Define boundary conditions


Various meshing techniques and methods


Step by step procedure to solve complex engineering problems and geometries

Course Objectives


Foster understanding of ANSYS


Reinforce learning with applications


Understand the practical approach of ANSYS Workbench solver via examples


Solve complex engineering problems


Understand the industrial requirements


Be a part of the TEAM for Industry Projects, create more income streams

Course Offerings

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For Professionals & Students

12 Hours Course

Limited Seats!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Learn ANSYS?
ANSYS is a high demand analysis software and should be learnt by mechanical/civil/aerospace engineers who can have the opportunity to use it in the companies they work for, and by students who are interested in finding a job in a company that uses ANSYS. It should also be learnt by freelance consultants who want to provide fast solutions to their customers.
Who should Learn ANSYS?
Professionals and engineering students with majors in mechanical, civil and aerospace engineering must have a sound knowledge of ANSYS for easy analysis of complex engineering problems
Why should I choose this platform?

Reasons to choose our platform:

1. Qualified and experienced trainers

2. Live interation rather than a set of recorded videos

3. Affordable price

4. Dedicated helpline 

5. Varifiable Certificate

How will I learn ANSYS from this platform?
You will learn this course from live online lectures. During each lecture, there are different lessons. At the end of each lesson, you can ask questions and resolve problems on the spot. Live projects will greatly help you assess and polish your ANSYS skills.
What is the ANSYS course price?

This price may decrease if you register yourself in group of 5 or more people.

What is the duration of ANSYS course?

The duration is 3 days and 4 hours per day.

What should I do if I have doubt while learning this course?
Who are my Instructors?

We have experts from leading industries as your trainers with vast knowledge and experience in the relevent field.

How can I earn after this program?
You can start earning right after this program by providing ANSYS solutions in online marketplace.
What are the chances of getting job after this training?
Learn a unique skill so that no one can be your match. There is a huge employment potential for ANSYS experts in engineering firms around the globe.
Do I get discount on ANSYS course?

Yes, if you come in batches or groups.

  • 5 or more $130.00
  • 10 or more $110.00
Do you provide certificate?

Yes, you will be provided with a verifiable certificate at the end of this course.

What is the course content?

Click here to get the course content.

What is your refund policy?

Click here to know about the refund policy.

Where is your office?

Our head office is in Islamabad.
Location: Office B-3, Sea Square Plaza, B-17, Islamabad.