1. Please open the following link in any browser: https://myfuture.pk/clientarea
2. Then click on the Login button as shown in the screenshot
3. After you click Login, you’ll see a window as shown in the screenshot. Simply click on Google to login to our forum securely. 
4. If you’re already logged in via Gmail, Google will ask you to join the forum or it will ask you to enter your user details. Once, you have joined, you’ll see the courses as shown in the screenshot. Just click on Access
5. After you click on Access, you’ll see a new window in the screenshot, you’ve to click on Enroll in Workshop. And you’ll be able to join the workshop.

6. After you’re in the Workshop, to access the training contents, you’ve to enter your user details without which you won’t be able to get your certificate. For that click on: Trainees Information for Certificate, click on Add Entry. And enter your details.

7. Once step 6 is complete, you may start accessing your training content and during the training, at the appropriate time, you’ll be asked to give your feedback on the training on: Training Feedback. Please note that this option will appear only during the training and if you miss it, you’ll not be able to get your certificate.

Note: Before you do step 7, make sure to click at the point being shown in the screenshot and click on Profile, then edit profile and make sure that your first and last name are shown exactly as you want them to appear on your certificate. If not simply update and save your profile and go to the certificate activity again. Good luck!