Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench (LabVIEW) for Electronic Engineers

Why should an Electronic Engineer learn LabVIEW?


Test, Control and Automation is an essential part of Electronic Engineering. Connecting sensors, acquiring data, and controlling actuators or motors with LabVIEW is quite simple. Electronic Engineers can do testing system, design and Validate circuits using LabVIEW and appropriate hardware.

With LabVIEW and suitable hardware, you can build a custom measurement solution to visualize and analyze real-world problem and provide customized and robust solutions
You can even connect with third-party devices either by doing serial communication or I/O servers to make custom-built virtual instruments for required applications
You can create flexible test applications that control multiple instruments and design user interfaces to optimize your manufacturing tests

For Example, with LabVIEW, you can automate Virtual Bench and analyze, display, and record your results in a single development environment. Driver software makes this connectivity possible by serving as the communication layer between LabVIEW and Virtual Bench.

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Examples of Electronics Projects Using LabVIEW

Engine Test Bench Control and Data Monitoring

Testing an IC engine involves acquiring data from various engine-mounted sensors, as well as the test bench system and IC engine control. LabVIEW is used to develop the entire engine test bench monitor and control system.

Serial communication with other Devices

LabVIEW for communication with some Industrial devices to communicate through RS-232 port. Real time data is fetched into LabVIEW using VISA serial communication by sending commands and receiving particular response.

Communicating with Virtual Bench in LabVIEW

It allows multiple users to connect simultaneously to the same front panel. Machines without LabVIEW installed to view and control VIs, with LabVIEW run time engine VIs, run- Can run from many different software platforms.

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