Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench (LabVIEW) for Mechanical Engineers

Why should a Mechanical Engineer learn LabVIEW


Today, Mechanical Engineers are not limited to designing parts of machines. With the advancement in technology, they are more engaged with control and automation system. And programming is very centered in all these applications. But generally Mechanical Engineers are hesitant towards programming languages due to their conventional text-based environment.


LabVIEW uses graphical approach with drag and drop functionalities and thus makes it easier for its users to program. It is an excellent tool for control and monitoring mechanical systems that have sensors, motors and actuators. Its comprehensive development environment contains all the tools that are needed to design and solve Engineering problem more efficiently.

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 Examples of Mechanical Engineering Projects Using LabVIEW 

Mathematical Modelling for Finding Failure in Composite Materials

Composite materials are very important part of mechanical engineering. Finding their failure points by applying stresses is very important task. Here, a complete system design is made in LabVIEW to find the failure in composite materials by applying different failure theories.

Vibration Monitoring Using Accelerometer and LabVIEW

In this project, the vibration sensor is used to detect a faulty motor. The power spectrum of such motors shows numerous peaks throughout the frequency range. Vibration measurement is pre-requisite for vibration analysis which is used for condition monitoring of machinery.

Jet Engine Test Bench and Engine Control Unit Calibration

Extending the set of monitored parameters (such as fuel flow rate, pressures, temperatures, starter voltage & current, & contacts states) of an existing test bench while maintaining the ability to perform regular tests on turbojet engines during transition phase from an old to new system.

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