LabVIEW is a graphical programming language by National Instruments. “Graphical” or “Visual” means that no lines of codes are necessary to develop a program. Rather, a simple drag and drop feature is provided. The different components may be wired visually or graphically on screen. This approach to programming is more intuitive and faster to implement. You do not have to remember any particular syntax or libraries to be included in the program.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to highlight: “There is a paradigm shift while trying to learn a classical text based programming language (like C, Java, Python or MATLAB) and a graphical programming language like LabVIEW”.

This paradigm shift is basically what causes the biggest hindrance in the learning process of people new to LabVIEW programming. The conventional academic setting usually focuses on text based programming courses and it makes the mind think on a certain pattern. This pattern is quite useful for conventional programming languages but it sometimes becomes a reason for less than optimum learning experience if you decide to learn tools like LabVIEW.

The research has also suggested a significant increase in the motivation of learners when a graphical programming language was being learned.

Therefore, whether you’ve been previously engaged in programming or not, LabVIEW will help you learn programming with a different frame of mind and it will benefit you equally.

We at MyFuture Solutions have designed our training course on LabVIEW keeping in mind all these intricacies and realities. The course is designed in such a manner that an expert or a novice programmer will equally benefit from the content.

Another burning question is whether to attend an online course or an on-site one. Our experts have an industrial and academic experience of more than 20 years both in top industries and the universities of the world.

Their assessment of the answer to this question is as follows: While pre-recorded video lectures are extremely useful, they often give the message of being “always available” and “for granted”. Pre-recorded courses also lack the element of live interaction and feedback. It takes away the human touch from an activity which is very humane in nature. On the other hand, on-site trainings are extremely cost prohibitive.

So, we decided to come up with online trainings but with live interaction and teaching with the provision of availability of recorded sessions. Thus, this approach makes it the best of both worlds and makes learning LabVIEW quite a fun and effective activity at the training provided by MyFuture Solutions. The certification awarded by us is verifiable online and will be universally acceptable. This course will also pave the way for you to appear in the CLAD (Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer) exam as it covers the contents of Core 1 LabVIEW contents.