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LabVIEW is a registered trademark of National Instruments. We have no association with National Instruments or LabVIEW. We provide customized LabVIEW courses that fulfil individual needs in a variety of fields. These courses differ from other sources in the way that our curriculum is highly individualized and very flexible.

Delivery Policy

General Information

All orders for online trainings are treated on the first come, first served basis. Once all slots have been occupied, it will no longer be possible to purchase a training within the defined time of the training. Once, the training has been concluded, it will be possible for new clients again to place orders.

Mode of Delivery

All trainings are delivered online but not in the form of any pre-recorded videos. Rather, we provide the trainings which have an element of live delivery and real time interaction with the trainers. However, the recording of all the sessions will be made available for the review of clients later on.

Delivery Time

The time for delivery varies and depends on the training duration. Normally, a training will consist of 3-4 hours per day over a few days.

Customized Requirements

It is also possible for the clients to request a customized and on-premise training for which the relevant contact forms may be used and will be dealt with according to needs and availability of time / resources.

Privacy Policy

How do we collect your information?

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What do we do with the information we collect?

MYFUTURE SOLUTIONS uses the information, we collect, about you to help us understand your needs in order to follow up with you and to provide you more useful information. We also use this information in aggregate to help us understand the interests of our visitors and customers more broadly.

Refund Policy

Client satisfaction and protecting the instructor’s interest is our ultimate priority. Since, most of our courses are online but live/interactive in nature, we can only accept the refund claims before the start of a course.
Keeping in mind the cost of arrangements and organization of any course, following refund policy will hold.

  • 28 days before the start of a course: 100% Refund except the deductions / taxes made during transactions.
  • 21 days before the start of course: 75% Refund except the deductions / taxes made during transaction.
  • 14 days before the start of a course: 50% Refund except the deductions / taxes made during transactions.

After this, no request for refund will be entertained. In the event of cancellation of any course by us, 100% refund will be given except the deductions / transactions / tax charges.