Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench (LabVIEW) for Mechatronics Engineers

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A continuing trend is that mechatronics systems get more complex to create automated systems and the software to control them. In many instances software and firmware are replacing or at least supplementing hardware. Today most products/machines continue to become more capable and more complex, involving the integration of mechanical, electrical, and software subsystems. Thus, Mechatronics Engineers must cope with many problems at once.


LabVIEW supports the increasing need for simultaneous simulation of mechanical and electrical systems, also known as mechatronics. LabVIEW graphical programming language can be used in designing and prototyping of mechatronics system controller. This allows you to quick transitions from hardware and software development to deployment.

For example, LabVIEW Robotics Modules can be used for designing and prototyping autonomous and semiautonomous vehicles including agricultural and military systems, robot rescue platforms, underwater and aerial vehicles, personal and service robots, and medical robotic devices.

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Examples of Mechatronics Engineering Projects Using LabVIEW 

Robotic Table Football using LabVIEW

A pre-programmed microchip PIC, which communicated with a host PC through an RS232 serial interface, controlled the kicker. Visual basic code was developed that acted in a supervisory, SCADA, capacity.

Industrial Embedded Monitoring & Control of Manufacturing Equipment

Using LabVIEW, a complete industrial environment is built for digital control system and emergency tripping system of power plants and manufacturing units etc.

Arduino Robotic Arm using LabVIEW

Control Arduino robotic arm (4 servos) through LabVIEW. Control one servo moving forward and backward with mouse pressed. Setting position by 5 degrees accumulated each pressed.

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