Tribology Solutions

We offer consultancy services in the field of Tribology that aim at improving the life-time and efficiency of your machinery/equipment

Our Services

Below are the services available for consultancy/advisory

Fretting Regimes Identification

Identification of Fretting Regimes (Stick, Stick-Slip, Gross Slip) for Oscillating Loads 

Lubricant Selection

With respect to Load Carrying Capacity, Viscosity, Pressure-Viscosity Coefficient, Physical & Chemical Properties, Pressure and Temperature

Material Selection

Metals, Composites, Modulus of Elasticity and Rigidity, Poisson’s Ratio

Wear Properties Estimation

Wear properties estimation using Archard’s Coefficient, Wear Energy Coefficient

Mechanical Components

Tribological Services for components like Gears, Couplings, Bearings and other common mechanical configurations

Lubrication Regimes Identification

Boundary, Mixed, Elastohydrodynamic, Hydrodynamic and Hydrostatic Lubrication

Contact Analysis

Different types of contact analysis including Hertz Contact, Non-Hertzian Contact, Conformal and Non-conformal Contact

Friction Analysis

Stribeck curve development, Estimation of Coefficient of Friction and Lubrication Optimization

Modelling and Simulation

Mathematical Modelling, Simulation, Validation, Prediction and optimization

GUI Developments

For any of the above configurations and options to act as a helping aid to designer / developer of tribological solutions